All On 4 Implants

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about for All on 4 dental implants? Our dental Implantologist Dr Beng So explains the all on 4 dental implants, to help our patients achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.

All on 4 dental implants are a revolutionary treatment option that can provide patients with a full set of permanent teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. This treatment option is ideal for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth due to decay, injury, or other reasons.

At Portarlington Dental, our team of experienced dentist led by Dr Beng So is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care possible. We use only the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcomes from their all on 4 dental implant treatment.

One of the biggest advantages of all on 4 dental implants is that they can be completed in just one day, unlike traditional dental implant treatments that can take several months to complete. The all on 4 dental implant treatment involves the placement of four dental implants into the jawbone, which will serve as the anchor for a set of custom-made teeth.

If you are interested in all on 4 dental implants in Portarlington, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our dental team. During your consultation, we will evaluate your dental health and determine whether all on 4 dental implants are the right treatment option for you.

All On 4 Implants in Portarlington

At Portarlington Dental, we are committed to helping our patients achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your all on 4 dental implant consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile.